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Polyswap is a cryptocurrency project led by a team of experienced professionals from various fields, including years of experience in the cryptocurrency and DeFi space. Our goal is to address the challenges faced by many investors in the space by providing a unique solution that is built from the ground up. Polyswap is not a clone of anyone else's technology, but rather a proprietary algorithm that spans blockchains and every major liquidity pool on that chain, delivering the best price and trade to the buyer or seller of crypto on that chain. With Polyswap, you no longer need to check multiple decentralized exchanges to find the best deal, nor do you need to worry about checking the right contract in the exchange or whether the team is KYC or the contract is audited.
Our platform simplifies and streamlines the entire process, making it faster and more efficient than ever before.

What sets Polyswap apart is its "smart" algorithm, which takes into account the potential price impact of trades and has the unique ability to split transactions between exchanges to ensure the best price, regardless of price impact. Additionally, Polyswap offers the lowest fees of any exchange on the market today, making it a powerful technology coupled with a respected brand in the DeFi space. Our native dividend paying token, $PET, pays dividends back to ALL holders based on holdings, regardless of which coin or token is swapped or traded on our exchange, giving a source of passive income back to token owners.

$PET is a token on the Polygon chain. Overall, Polyswap and $PET offer a revolutionary solution to the challenges faced by investors in the cryptocurrency and DeFi space, providing a unique and profitable investment opportunity.