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🎨 Advanced UI overrides

Now that we saw the basic configuration of the widget, let's move on to the UI.

For the UI customization you have two options:

High level commands

An array of high level commands is already available to customize your UI.

Advanced overrides

If you want to take the time to truly make the widget your own, every single UI component can inherit CSS specs to reach fine-grained customization.

High level commands

Let's start with the high level commands.


The code from the last step of Basic settings will be carried over in this example.

Let's begin here. 👇

As you can see at the top, you can customize your UI with just a few commands.

Find even more commands in our storybook.

Advanced overrides: Build a PET-themed widget

If you want to go more fine grained you can use the overrides. Here, we have built a pet-themed widget. 👇

To learn more about all the possible customization entries, head to our overrides chapter in the storybook.